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Boston Globe - Born to high iron, Stephen Lynch forged his own way

Now running for a seat in the US Senate, Lynch maintains that his 18 years on the high iron have instilled in him a far better understanding of America’s working men and women than his Democratic opponent, US Representative Ed Markey, whom he portrays as a remote Washington insider, will ever have.

But if Lynch can identify with his fellow ironworkers, he also emerged as distinct among them from the time he first unfurled his cherished Wall Street Journal while eating a sandwich on a steel beam.

If what was different about him sometimes baffled his co-workers, it also fast became a reflection of his emerging ambition. The son of an ironman, Lynch worked for many years as a “connector” bolting steel beams hundreds of feet high in the air, one of the most dangerous jobs in the trade, and was an outspoken advocate for worker safety early on. At 33, he was elected the youngest president of his Local 7 of the International Association of Ironworkers ever, his victory heralded as the start of a more enlightened era for the trade.

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Posted 17:20PM on April 14 2013

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