Standing with our Veterans

One of the most important ways Americans can show our gratitude to our veterans is by providing them with the best possible services and assistance our nation can offer.  It is our obligation to provide our veterans with the finest medical care possible, and this need is particularly urgent as our men and women are coming home with ever more complicated injuries and medical conditions. 

When I was first elected to Congress, I fought alongside Senator Ted Kennedy to prevent the planned closure of three VA hospitals (Brockton, West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain), and have consistently supported increased funding for VA services to help ensure our veterans receive the quality care that they have earned. I have been a strong advocate for increased research and treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury for our returning service members, and am working to secure funding for a state-of-the-art spinal injury center at the VA hospital in Brockton.

As more of our service members return home and leave the military, it is also crucial that we help them transition successfully to civilian life.

I was proud to support the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which not only extended educational benefits to more military personnel but also allows those who have served for at least six years to transfer unused benefits to their spouses and children. I am a strong supporter of job training and placement assistance that will allow veterans to take the skills they have honed while serving our country and put them to use in our communities.

We must offer our veterans the opportunity, guidance, and resources necessary to prepare for their exit from the military in order to better ensure the successful transition to civilian life they deserve.

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