Bringing our Troops Home

It is time for the United States to wind down its security mission in Afghanistan and allow the Afghan Government to take the lead over security and development.  I support an expedited, orderly, and safe transition of power.

As a senior member of the House Oversight and National Security Subcommittee, I have taken my role of conducting essential oversight of our security and reconstructive activities in Afghanistan very seriously. During my time in the House, I have led and participated in eight Congressional Delegation trips into Afghanistan to conduct visits with our servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan as well as key U.S. and Afghan officials.

The tremendous work of our troops in the face of grave danger has laid the groundwork for a bright Afghani future. With a thorough understanding of the conditions on the ground, I support the transition of our mission from a military one to a support capacity in which the U.S. can play a limited role in continuing to assist the Afghan Government with training, reconstruction, and development. In addition, I will continue to be actively involved in congressional oversight of our security and reconstruction activities in the region as our dedicated servicemen and women continue to return home through 2014.

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