Advancing our Energy Future

We must move toward energy independence and a secure energy future by investing in clean energy technologies, safely and responsibly utilizing our domestic energy resources, and lowering demand for fossil fuels by reducing our energy consumption.

I am committed to making America a leader in developing clean, responsible energy technologies like wind and solar power. I support efforts to continue and expand the production tax credit for renewable energy projects, and support expanding incentives for the private market to invest in developing clean energy technology.  America cannot fall behind other countries in developing these technologies, and we must ensure that American workers build the next generation of clean energy.

While we work toward clean energy technology that can support our energy needs, we can also reduce our reliance on foreign oil by taking advantage of the resources we have here at home. However, we need to access domestic energy resources in a safe and environmentally conscious way, or not at all.

Finally, we can reduce our reliance on foreign oil by increasing energy efficiency and lowering demand for fossil fuels. I support increasing fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles, investing in mass transit infrastructure like high speed and intercity passenger rail, and continuing investments in critical weatherization and home heating efficiency programs.

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