Jobs & Infrastructure

Bringing our Troops Home

It is time for the United States to wind down its security mission in Afghanistan and allow the Afghan Government to take the lead over security and development.  I support an expedited, orderly, and safe transition of power.

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Strengthening Education & Creating Opportunity for the Next Generation

Every forward step I have ever been able to take in life can be traced back to a solid education. It’s the great equalizer and puts opportunity and advancement within reach for families across the spectrum.

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Advancing our Energy Future

We must move toward energy independence and a secure energy future by investing in clean energy technologies, safely and responsibly utilizing our domestic energy resources, and lowering demand for fossil fuels by reducing our energy consumption.

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Equal Pay For Women



LGBT Issues

Defending America's Allies

The State of Israel is one of our most important allies. I have consistently voted for robust foreign assistance funding to Israel, which has been critical in ensuring its security.  I also believe we must continue advancing the peace process in the Middle East.

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Reproductive Health

Sequestration & Crafting a Balanced Budget

We need a balanced, long-term plan for deficit reduction. There is no doubt that government spending is on an unsustainable path, but we need to address this problem in a way that still allows us to invest in the kinds of programs on which working families rely, while cutting out the special deals to the Washington insiders. To do this, we need a combination of revenues from closing tax loopholes and increased targeted spending reductions. We need to be cutting the budget with a scalpel—not an axe.

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Social Security

Stopping Gun Violence

Trade Agreements

Wall Street