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  • “It has been my personal pleasure to have had the friendship of Stephen since our days of long ago at South Boston High School. I learned then that Stephen was an honest and hardworking person. 
    As our lives developed, I watched as Stephen worked as an Ironworker while attending school at night to improve his education, as well as working with neighbors to address issues in our community. 
    When the opportunity presented itself, Stephen was elected by his neighbors to represent them in the State House; first as State Representative and then State Senator. In 2001 when our long time and beloved Congressman Joe Moakley passed, the people of the 9th District of Massachusetts elected Stephen to the US Congress. 
    For the past 12 years Stephen Lynch has been a voice of reason in the Congress of the United States. Issues including the War, support for our troops, Veterans Services, Wall St. bailout, and Healthcare demonstrate his record. Stephen Lynch has been a voice of the people of this district and has at times been challenged by very powerful interest for the positions and votes that he has cast. 
    Stephen Lynch does not allow others to dictate to him how he should vote. Stephen Lynch votes for what is in the best interest of the people who have elected him. Stephen Lynch is an honest, hardworking representative of the people. 
    It is, and has been, a true pleasure to have had a friendship with Stephen for all of these years. I can attest that Stephen Lynch has never forgotten who he is, where he came from, or the voters that have put their trust in him. 
    As Stephen seeks to become our next United States Senator he has a big challenge facing him. Another candidate has been selected by high powered people from outside Massachusetts to run for United States Senate from Massachusetts. These high power people have pledged to that candidate great financial support; campaign staff, phone banks and other resources in order to have that candidate be elected and be able to represent the interest of that powerful group of people who do not live in Massachusetts.
    This is not right. The United State Senator from Massachusetts should be determined by the people of Massachusetts and not from outsiders....
    Therefore I am asking for your help. If you believe as I do that Massachusetts deserves an objective voice in the United States Senate, one which will communicate the needs and concerns of our State then I ask for you to join with me in doing the following:
    1) Vote for Stephen F. Lynch for United State Senator.
    2) Ask your friends and family to Vote for Stephen F. Lynch. 
    3) Take out your check book and make a contribution to the Stephen F. Lynch for Senate. I will gladly pick up your check and remit directly to the committee.
    (Please note that Federal Law does require the reporting of the name, address and occupation of any donation in excess of $200.) Donations are not tax deductible.
    Thank you ever so much, I look forward to hearing from you. 
    Dennis M. Conway

    --Dennis M Conway, South Boston

  • “Many years ago when Steve was running for Representative in South Boston, he was up against another neighbor who was a candidate. I was having a tough time deciding. It was a scorching hot day and both were doing standouts about 2 blocks apart. I saw the opposing candidate and invited him to my home for a cold drink. He was very appreciative of the offer and told me he would be down when he packed up his car. I saw Steve and extended the same offer and told him this was not to discuss politics with his opponent at my kitchen table, but just to get out of the sun and have a cold drink. Steve thanked me and said he would be down as soon as he wrapped up. I was no sooner in the door when the bell rang and there was Steve. That made my decision right then and there. The opponent never showed up. I knew that if Steve Lynch could  take time out  of his busy campaign schedule  to come and sit at my kitchen table for a cold drink then he was a man of his word. If he had time to listen to me in my kitchen, then I knew he would have time to listen to me on Beacon Hill, and when the venue changed to Capitol Hill I knew he was still listening. Let's keep him on Capitol Hill so that he can still listen and continue to be our voice. ”

    --Priscilla Murphy, Halifax

  • “Stephen Lynch.
    Common Man.  Uncommon Leader.  
    Self made - earned and  worked his way  up.  Worked as an iron worker for 18 years - can relate effectively with the average working person.  Understands the needs of the average person - working families.  Common sense practical approach and  position on the issues.   Moderate "centrist" positions on the important issues.
    It is my honor to vigorously  endorse and support Stephen Lynch for the United States Senate.”

    --Robert G. Swan, 

  • “I believe that Stephen Lynch is the type of individual that is needed in the U.S.Senate, a person that has an exceptional work ethic, that has the courage of his convictions, and the determination to do what he says, for these and many other reasons I PROUDLY and HONORABLY SUPPORT STEPHEN F LYNCH FOR  U.S. SENATOR !!!”

    --Ed Irwin, Chelmsford