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  • “Steve Lynch will bring a new voice to the U.S. Senate. Steve has worked diligently for working families, veterans, and seniors, and his experience as an ironworker will bring a much-needed focus on working families. We need a Senator who is chosen by the people of Massachusetts, and someone who will continue to protect working families.  Steve Lynch is that guy, and I am proud to endorse him for the U.S. Senate.”

    --Sen. Jen Flanagan, Leominster

  • “As a long time Navy worker and a former president of our Professional Engineers Union. Congressman Lynch as a newly elected representive of our Massachusetts  Congressional district was the only Federal legislator other than Senator Kennedy who ever returned calls and helped when our families needed it. If you've tried to talk to your elected representatives how often did you ever hear directly from them or had any real follow up? Senator Kennedy and Congressman Lynch were both truly representative government employees who understood that common people like us need from them an ear to hear and a voice to speak for us. Both Senator Kennedy and hopefully soon-to-be Senator Lynch and their staff were instrumental in keeping us involved in the process. That was all we ever asked of them. Just as anyone would ask and want to happen. I knew where they stood and how they voted. Both listened, both thought deeply and researched how it could affect their state and country. I am voting for someone who listens to me, my family, my state and country. I'm voting for Stephen Lynch.”

    --Paul Feeney, Dedham

  • “The reasons why I am voting for Stephen Lynch...”

    --Leo Sheehan, Raynham

  • “I personally, and in my official role as VP of IAM Local 1726 fully endorse Congressman Lynch for US Senate. As someone who for 18 years as an Ironworker has walked in the shoes that all of us as union members do every day, Congressman Lynch will bring a unique experience to the Senate. Many talk of "working class" issues, but none have come up, and lived what is faced each day as Mr. Lynch has. 
    When there is a vote in the Senate on an airline issue, relating to our membership here at Logan, there won't be a learning curve, or a need for a briefing by staff on the issues- Mr. Lynch has firsthand experience-  and in a body of 100, with the power of the Senate, his role as a labor voice will be invaluable. Combine that with his resume as a State Rep, State Senator, and US Congressman, Stephen Lynch isn't just the right candidate for Labor, he is the candidate for all middle class Massachusetts.”

    --James Wells, Rockland

  • “Steve Lynch will bring a new voice to the U.S. Senate. In Congress, he has been a staunch defender of working families, veterans, and seniors.  As a former ironworker, Steve has a unique story to tell – one that has never been heard on the floor of the U.S. Senate. 
    Steve Lynch is the person we turn to not only for help with constituent matters, but also for assistance on all types of local and regional issues.  He is somebody with national standing, but who recognizes that our strength as a nation is built upon the strength of our local communities. We need a Senator who is chosen by the people of Massachusetts, not the establishment in Washington.  Steve Lynch is that person, and I am proud to endorse him in this race. ”

    --Sen. John Keenan, Quincy