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  • “Stephen speaks truth. He studies the issues and addresses it from a common sense point of view.”

    --Diane Garrow, North Attleboro

  • “I am endorsing Stephen Lynch because he knows what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. I am endorsing him because I think that my 3 children deserve better jobs that aren't available today. I am endorsing Stephen Lynch because I think that seniors, disabled, and the middle-class should not have to pay for Wall Street's mistakes. I am Stephen Lynch!!!!”

    --Scott Roberge, Lowell

  • “Stephen has never forgotten where and how he started. I've been waiting for the opportunity to vote for him again!”

    --Sheila Landy, Pembroke

  • “I was at the Robert Nyman Benefit on St. Patrick's Day when Stephen Lynch spoke...I knew right then he was the right person. We need Stephen Lynch. He is on our side and he will get the job done. ”

    --Tammy  Berry, Rockland

  • “I'm a union insulator...I can't tell you how proud I am that a working man is going to be our next senator. ”

    --Robert Proto, Everett