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  • “Like Stephen I worked at a blue collar job and went to college. I have spoken to people that he has helped, who had never worked on any of his campaigns and they were amazed at how hard he worked for them for the sole reason that they needed help. It also impressed me when he stood up to his party when too many of them were willing to give too much to bail-out banks, but not the consumers that were victimized by them. He votes his conscience, and knows when to compromise for the common good. ”

    --Robert DeFlurin, Braintree

  • “Stephen Lynch's life story and my experiences working alongside him on development issues in the Back Bay and Fenway neighborhoods of Boston when he was a State Senator, along with his voting record as a US Representative proved to me that he is one of the hardest working, honest and caring individuals I have ever met in public service.  His personal integrity is unmatched and unwavering; prerequisites for being my next US senator alongside Elizabeth Warren.”

    --George Hagerty, Stoughton

  • “I am endorsing Stephen Lynch because I believe that he is sincere in his willingness to represent us. He has proven that he is not afraid to do what is right.”

    --Bob Flaherty, Scituate

  • “In 2009 we were in danger of losing our home. We had tried to modify our mortgage through Bank of America but they were overwhelmed and unhelpful. We made one error on some paperwork and the Bank told us we were out of the program with no recourse. We contacted Congressman Lynch's office and one of his aides contacted the bank, got us to the right person and we were given a new mortgage in a couple of months. I truly believe that we would have lost our house without the help offered by the Congressman's office.”

    --Bill O'Connell, Needham

  • “When he looked straight into the camera and said what he would do and not do, I believed him. I wasn't for him until i saw the sincere/honest look in his eyes. His background, growing up in public housing and the hard work he did to become someone that will stand up for all the people, makes him the right person to represent MA. I endorse Stephen Lynch.”

    --Velma Hawkins, Framingham