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Welcome to

It’s a campaign website for the Stephen Lynch campaign for Senate.  It’s new (not conceptually).  You can donate, volunteer, and learn.  We have video!*

That completes the tour.  Almost. 

This is the blog.  Instead of a generic campaign blog with posts “written by” the candidate, we’re going to bring you as much information about the campaign as we possibly can, along with a decent amount of humor (depending on your sense). 

If you want to know where Stephen Lynch will be tomorrow, or why he supports working families over Wall Street, or who endorsed him, or how he’s going to win this election, or what he brings to the Senate, or when to set your clocks ahead – this is the place.  Here we’ll share links to stories that are worth reading and updates on the campaign, as well as the candidate’s public schedule.  But you will also find our TV ads*, press releases, Red Sox predictions, and general musings about Massachusetts politics.

So check back every day to get your fill of information on one side of the Massachusetts Senate campaign.  We promise it will be worth your time.**


*Not of cats.

**This promise is neither legally binding nor, frankly, all that likely to be true.

Posted 13:30PM on March 06 2013

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