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Of Popes and politics

It’s been quite the week so far.  We have a new Pope, a new wide receiver, and a new hole in the Boston media landscape (RIP Boston Phoenix 1965-2013).

The Senate campaign trail has also been interesting. 

Somehow, it’s only Thursday, and we still have our big weekend of bad Irish jokes to come.

One final note for today: Media driven campaign narratives can be a funny thing. In this special Senate election, for example, the new prevailing story seems to be that every expected endorsement that the establishment candidate receives is somehow a blow to the upstart challenger.  People seem to forget that Washington Democrats did their best to clear the field and anoint a candidate, and only one Democrat was willing to challenge this anointment (even the Conclave held five elections).  

Congressman Lynch has now received the support of more than 60 local unions.  These locals represent working families in a variety of industries across the state, and their members are committed to electing Stephen Lynch to the U.S. Senate. Rep. Lynch has also been endorsed by a growing number of county officials, mayors, state senators, state reps, city councilors, selectmen, and local Democratic town committees.  These officials are on the ground working with Massachusetts residents.  They understand the needs of their constituents, and they know that Stephen Lynch is the best candidate to represent their communities in the Senate.  

Spring may be fast approaching, but April 30 is a long way away. 


Posted 19:21PM on March 14 2013

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